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We understand the differences between the two whilst not forgetting the importance of both. More recently the gap between these two types of engagements has narrowed and this suits us perfectly.

We treat every event as a production whether it is a evening party, a week long sales conference or a rock concert. We assign a team based on the complexity and begin our proven, seven step process from initial enquiry through to post event analytics.

From intimate private events through to multi=day corporate conferences, we’ve got you covered.


Initial discovery meetings pave the way for creation of various documentation including method statements, risk assessments and technical riders. These are a blueprint unique to your production.

From simple backdrops through to full sets and complex stage design, our in-house team of craftsmen are waiting to turn your ideas into breathtaking reality.

Be prepared to think beyond ordinary. If you can imagine it, we can build it.


Fed-up with stage heavy sound systems? Disappointed with the audio quality during speeches? Unhappy with the lack of guest and delegate engagement to your presentations? Let our in-house team of sound engineers select and fine tune the audio hardware for your production taking into account a variety of factors that influence acoustics.

Gone are the days of static images and simple slideshows. Our projection and LED video wall setups are the ideal canvas to showcase your content in the most expressive and dynamic way possible. We have an in-house team of graphic artists who paint with light using packages such as After Effects, Maya, Blender, Cinema 4D, and Photoshop to create your visually stunning masterpieces.

In-house sound engineering and graphoic design, we’re your one-stop-shop.


Any aspect of our services can be hired as individual entity. In fact, we regularly supply other companies with equipment and services which they do carry in their own inventory or provide.

Extensive, industry standard equipment such as our inventory is always in great demand.

Due to the technical nature of our items, these are mostly provided on a wet-hire basis only. This means you can rest easy, safe in the knowledge that our skilled engineers will arrive to setup, install, then returning to cleanly and carefully remove any equipment at the end of the hire.

Access our massive inventory of equipment. We own it all … no outsourcing here.


There is no point meeting with you to create and install a production if we’re going to leave you to go it alone when you most need us.

Where the engament warrants, technical specialists in specific areas of your production will be on-site to ensure that everything works like clockwork. They carry replacements for many mission critical components and in most cases, can hot-swap equipment should the need arise.

Dedicated teams on the night with extensive backup equipment. We won’t leave you high and dry.


Any specialist production costs money and we make it a point to understand your budgetary requirements from the onset.

Constantly monitored, we will alert you if any modifications to your production will have an effect on the limits you have set. At the pre-contract stage, we will also offer advice to reduce outlay if possible by altering or streamlining any aspect of your production.

We also offer a reduced pricing model for those clients who bulk-book productions with full advance payment.

Being mindful of your bottom line coupled with our competitive pricing model means we keep your costs in check.


The Right Tools For The Right Production Solution. Every Time.


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It’s a mobile world.

That’s why we have a wealth of information about us available online.

We have employed the latest technology to ensure that our website is fully responsive and adapts to the device you are viewing it on regardless of the screen size.

This allows you to see our latest projects and read relevant news.

Furthermore, it gives access to your very own ‘Client Zone’.

The Client Zone

You need information about your production fast and when you’re on the move. Say ‘Hello’ to your Client Zone. A unique space designed to ensure that the information you need is conveniently available.

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Take the time to assess your needs and build a picture of your production vision


Take information from our discovery meetings to build a framework and definitive production plan


Be fully available and committed during your production to ensure a smooth delivery

Re-imagine your production … Yeah, there’s an option for that.

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